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Congratulations to Broad Street Park Post 313 -

2018 New Jersey American Legion State Champions

To watch the Championship Game and several of the Tournament Games,

 click on the picture below


2018 New Jersey American Legion State Tournament

State Tournament reaches "FINAL EIGHT"

This Saturday, July 21, "EIGHT" Teams will compete for the New Jersey State American Legion Baseball Championship. The Tournament will run until Thursday July 26.  The Winner will qualify for the Mid Atlantic, Regional Tournament at Fireman's Field in Purcellville, VA on August 8 - 12.

To follow the "FINAL EIGHT"  game results, click on the below link:


Go to the "More +" Tab above, scrow down to "NJ State Tournaments", go Left to 2018 Tournament and click

WBCB Sports will "Live Video Stream" Selected Games.  Refer to Tournament Page for additional information.


Team Registration

All American Legion Teams must register on the National American Legion Baseball Web Site. Prior to completing the team application on the National Site, the individual who is submitting the application and who is listed as a Coach or Manager, must pass their back ground check.

The Background check is conducted by Protect Youth Sports.  The Link to the site is 

Once the individual completing and submitting the team application has passed their background check, they can submit the team application on the National Web Site

Link to American Legion Baseball Web Site for Registering a team is

Step 1 – The Coach who will be completing the teams application on-line needs to successfully completed their background check.  The Team application cannot be approved by the New Jersey American Legion Baseball Chairman until any coaches listed on the application have passed a background check.  It is recommended that only one coach who has passed his background be listed when the team application is completed and submitted for approval. Other coaches can be added later after the application has been approved.  Those coaches will also be required to pass a background check prior to the FINAL Submission of the team roster with all its players and coaches.

The required background check for all coaches can be initiated at:    The cost is $12 and will required a credit card payment.  You should receive notification by email when your background check has been approved.

Step 2 – After you have passed your background check, you need to complete the team application on the National American Legion Baseball Web Site. Click on Tab in Main Menu line above Register  or go to:   - You may need to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

Step 3 – After your team application has been approved by the State American Legion Baseball Chairman,  you need to buy your required Insurance and pay a National Team Registration Fee

Step 4 – Add other Coaches and Players.  You can add and delete players and coaches until you finalize you team roster.

Step 5 – Final Submission of your team and approval be New Jersey American Legion Baseball Chairman.  Go to your team account on the National Web Site and click on the Submit Button.  All Coaches listed MUST have passed a background check or the Team Submission CAN NOT be approved.


2018 New National Rules Highlights

Note –The summary below is a representation – to fully understand the rule changes refer to the 2018 National Rule Book.  Also there are other changes that are not listed in these “Highlights”

Note – The 2018 National Rule Book has been divided into two sections – 1 for Senior Teams and 1 for Junior Teams

Note – The official software to use when determining the nearest team from a Home Address is Google Maps (use shortest driving distance).


  1. The population limit for “Total Enrollment” per team is 5000 – A previous report that this limit has been increased from 5000 to 6000 was not correct

    Rule 4. 3. a) Page 27


  2. Courtesy Runners – Courtesy Runners  may be used only during the regular season for Pitchers and/or Catchers at any time. For speed-up purposes, it is recommended that the courtesy runner be used with two outs

    Rule 1. G.  Pages 8-9


  3. Pitching Rule reduced maximum number of pitches per day to 105 – (Was 120 In 2017)  note – Limit of 105 applies to both Senior and Junior Team Players

    Rule 1. R.  Page 14


  4. A league may allow reentry of Starters during the regular season. Starters must reenter in same batting position they started in.

    Rule 1. S. Page 16

  5. Graduated Players – Returning Players who graduated from high school last year must play for the team they played for last year, even if it was facilitated by a Form 76 or 77. No transfers or waivers.

    Graduated Players who have not previously played American Legion Baseball who are age eligible, are allowed to play. New players who did not play previously must play for the team next to parents address. There are no transfers or waivers allowed.

    Rule 2. 4. Page 20

    Note - Chart on Page 49 in National Rule Book is WRONG per National – chart was over looked during the review process and was not changed

  6. National Tournament games are now 7 innings – not 9 innings 

    Rule 9. E.   Page 45

    Jim Thome talks about his experience playing American Legion Baseball.  Jim Thome played 22 seasons in the Major Leagues. He was elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018.

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