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2023 Senior League Pitching Rules


2023 Pitching Rules for Senior Leagues

Pitching Rule. No player may pitch more than a total of 105 pitches per day. A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if he reaches or exceeds the maximum limit during an at-bat, but must exit the position after that hitter.

No player may enter the game as a pitcher without having fulfilled the required rest days as mandated in the chart below.

No player may make more than two appearances as a pitcher during any consecutive three-day period.

PENALTY – The pitcher is removed from the pitcher’s position and head coach shall be ejected from the game and serve an additional game suspension.


Senior League Pitching Rule

Maximum Number of Pitches per Day - 105 Pitches      

Days Rest

0 day

1 day

2 days

3 days

4 days








  1. Any player may be removed from the pitching position and remain in the game at another position. However, a pitcher will be automatically removed from the position when a coach makes a second trip to the mound in the same inning, and that player cannot return as a pitcher in that game. PENALTY – Forfeiture of the game if a protest is filed with the umpire-in-chief before the last out of the game.
  2. 2. If a player returns as a pitcher in the same game, he will be charged with another appearance.
  3. 3. If a team has multiple games scheduled on the same day, a pitcher who pitches more than 45 pitches in Game 1 may not pitch in a subsequent game that day and will be required to follow the rest protocol listed.
  4. 4. A day is defined as 8 8 a.m.


American Legion Baseball adopts the philosophy and principles of the MLB/USA Baseball Pitch Smart initiative of practical, age-appropriate guidelines to educate parents, players and coaches to avoid overuse injuries and foster long, healthy careers for youth pitchers. Learn more online at American Legion Baseball is fully Pitch Smart compliant for the 2022 season. The following are recommendations and suggested guidelines:

• Consideration should be given to not exceed 100 combined innings pitched in any 12-month period.

• Take at least four months off from competitive pitching every year, including at least two to three continuous months off from all overhead throwing.

• Coaches should consider the pitcher’s age and recommended guidelines for that age group (i.e., a 15-year-old pitcher on a senior team should be limited to 95 max pitches, although 105 is allowed).

• Once a pitcher is removed, consideration should be given to what position he is assigned once he is done pitching, as well as the throwing requirement of the fielding position once the pitcher vacates the mound. Make sure to properly warm up before pitching.

• Avoid playing for multiple teams at the same time.

• Avoid playing catcher while not pitching.

• Avoid pitching in multiple games on the same day.

• Make sure to follow guidelines across leagues, tournaments and showcases.

• Monitor for other signs of fatigue