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Recent AL Baseball Rule Changes

Recent Baseball Rule Changes

Below is a summary of the major rule changes.  The wording may or may not be identical to the wording in the National Rule Book.


Rule 1.R.3. Pitching Rule - to remove the word “scheduled” from “multiple games scheduled on the same day” The word “schedule” makes the statement a little ambiguous and removing it clarifies the rule.

Rule 1.J. Fake Tag – to add and read “A fake tag is an act by a defensive player without the ball that - simulates a tag. A fake tag is considered obstruction.” This new rule is added for player safety and sportsmanship to prevent possible retaliation for applying a fake tag. 

Rule 4.B.3. Player Recruiting  - Combined total enrollment of the schools cannot exceed 7,500 for 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Rule 9.A. National Tournament Registration – to read “The department championship team must be certified to the National Americanism Commission by the authorized department baseball official no later than 11:59 p.m. July 30, 2022. However, departments that fly to regional sites must certify their department champion no later than 11:59 p.m. July 28.” This rule establishes the 2022 deadline date for departments to certify their department winner.

Rule 9.J.2. Suspended Games – add paragraph “2. Pitch Count Rule 1.R. applies to suspended games.” Adding this paragraph clarifies the pitcher’s availability to return as a pitcher in the event of a suspended game.

Rule 9.K. Minimum Active Players – to read “Teams with fewer than 12 players are permitted to bring up players registered on their affiliated Junior American Legion Baseball team roster to the senior team in order to have 12 players but may not transfer a player to exceed 12 players.” This clarifies the rule for coaches as to if and how to bring up Junior players to their senior team for national tournament play.

PRIOR TO 2022 Season:

Rule 1.R.3. Pitching Rule - If a pitcher throws 45 or fewer pitches in game one of multiple games on the same day, he may return to pitch in game two, up to 105 pitches total for the day. If a pitcher were to throw more than 45 pitches in game one, he would be ineligible to pitch in game two. 

Rule 2.B.4. Graduated Students – Players who graduate in "previous year" shall play for the last American Legion team they played for or the team nearest their parents’ domicile.

Rule 6.E. Players Per Team – add paragraph 4. In cases of season ending injury, a player may be replaced on National Form #1 prior to the end of regular season play with department baseball chairman approval and with proper supporting medical doctor’s note and documents.